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Al Hill Boiler is a boiler room service, repair, and sales organization headquartered in the Mobile, Alabama area. Our company is the only complete boiler room sales and service organization on the Gulf Coast.

We are holder of the National Board Certificate of Authorization (“R” Stamp) qualifying us to perform shop or field repairs and alternations. Therefore, our welders and repair procedures meet the requirements of the ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Codes. We perform services such as boiler and associated equipment installation and start-up, boiler and heat exchanger re-tubing, boiler and pressure vessel weld repairs and alterations, boiler and furnace refractory rebuild and repair, pump repair, and boiler cleaning and inspection. Our instrument and control technicians provide combustion tuning and efficiency optimization service for all types of burners. Also, we provide boiler combustion and operating system troubleshooting service and repair. These services are provided by highly trained and skilled technicians who are available 24 hours of day, 7 days a week, year around.

Additionally, Al Hill Boiler provides boiler and cooling tower water treatment products and services. The products we provide are our own unique blend designed to maximize corrosion protection and enhance the performance and reliability of equipment. These products and services are custom made to meet the individual customer needs. In other words, our water treatment programs and services are not “one size fits all.”

We also inventory approximately 10,000 sq ft of boiler and equipment parts. We stock such items as flame safeguard controls, boiler pressure, temperature and level controls, flow meters and controls, switches and relays, relief valves (steam and water), stop valves, check valves, tubes, manhole and handhole plates, feed water and circulating pumps, pump parts and repair kits, steam traps and regulators, gas valves and regulators, fire- and water-side gaskets, refractory tiles, castables and cements, and gauges (pressure, temperature, level, and sight).

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