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My name is Randy Sanford. I serve as President/General Manger at Al Hill Boiler. I am responsible for all aspects of the company business: sales and marketing, service and repair, safety and compliance, and administration. I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Alabama. I have also completed graduate work in Engineering and Business Management at Louisiana State University. I am currently a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In my 20+ year career, I have been involved in all phases of boiler projects: design, construction, inspection, operation, service and repair.
Outside of Al Hill Boiler, I am an avid golfer and sports fanatic. I enjoy Crimson Tide and New Orleans Saints football.


My name is Sandy Merritt. I am the Office Manager for Al Hill Boiler. I am the voice you normally hear when you call our office. I am responsible for the management of accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll, employee benefits, taxes, and insurances. I als
o assist in the development of marketing and sales strategies to address our valued customers forever changing needs.
During my off-time, I enjoy antique shopping and collecting. I also enjoy searching for Indian arrowheads with my husband and children.


My name is Wayne Estill. I am the Chief Boiler Technician with Al Hill Boiler. I have the longest tenure of service with the company at over 30 years. During my 30+ years, I have developed extensive knowledge and experience in the troubleshooting all types of boilers, boiler systems, and controls. I have received formal training on Honeywell and Fireye Flame Safeguard systems and controls. I also have extensive training and experience in combustion tuning and efficiency optimization with all types of burners.
In my spare time, I enjoy saltwater fishing and jazz music. I’ve recently started learning to play golf (look out Tiger Woods!!).


My name is Shelton Huber. I am the Chief Boiler Mechanic with the company. I have been employed with Al Hill Boiler since 1985. I am responsible for all installations, mechanical and weld repairs to boilers, pressure vessels, and associated equipment and piping systems. I also have the responsibility to insure all weld repairs and installations meet or exceed the requirements of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes, National Board Inspection Code, and other jurisdictional requirements.
Away from my work, I enjoy building automobiles, particularly trucks. I also build and own race cars competing at the local dirt track.